We occasionally try to leave the house to do something cultural. This week, the reason was the annual play in the park. Austin is a hot, crowded place, so there is a lot of strategy required in attending these events. So we turn to the classic UT football motto:

1. Come early.


You would have to be one of those super lucky people to just meander into the park, and find a good spot. There is one side that receives much earlier shade, which is what you want. We showed up early, brought lots of blankets to claim our spot, and made sure we could also see the stage because that is the whole point anyway.

2. Be loud.


In a crowd of a million people sweating in the sun, actions speak louder than words. We respected the picnic blanket rules, picked up all our trash, and stayed chill.

3. Stay late.


The play starts around 8:30, has a short intermission where they ask you for money, and was over around 11ish. We were feeling awfully sleepy by intermission, but we brought some kettle corn and cookies to help keep us going until the end.

4. Wear orange.


Our college t-shirt blanket is a picnic essential. We also brought a fleece Longhorn blanket to share. Our other picnic essentials included lots of water, easy to eat dinner to share, and napkins to clean anything that might attract bees or angry ants.

Wishing you many happy picnics with your entire city!

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