The animals at the Desert Museum are very real. While rounding a corner on the trail, a real life actual several foot long snake slithered in front of us. We were not exactly prepared with a snakebite kit, but the danger made the whole experience a little more thrilling. The other animals were a little more tame.

Butterflies were everywhere. I am very inspired to plant many butterfly friendly flowers in our own yard.


This prairie dog stopped moving the second I started filming him, so at least he has a sense of humor.


I have never seen a black widow spider in real life, and they are much much much bigger than I imagined.


The frogs, grasshoppers, and basically all kinds of bugs and such are much larger there. All we get here are foot long cockroaches.


That is a coyote in the middle there. Do you see any actual fence at first? Neither did we. We stood there wondering if we should be playing dead.


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