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Fresh finds and new adventures


Capsule wardrobes are super popular right now. I’ve seen 30-something piece wardrobes, and even 20-something piece wardrobes, but we are gonna do everyone at least 10 better. We like our wardrobes like we like our eggs- in one dozen.

We’ve got shirts, overalls, hats, and boots to rotate for everyday wear, and even a tad bit fancy. Overalls sure do make it easy to get dressed in the morning.

farmerwardrobe10  farmerwardrobe7  farmerwardrobe1farmerwardrobe4  farmerwardrobe11  farmerwardrobe12farmerwardrobe3  farmerwardrobe5  farmerwardrobe9farmerwardrobe2  farmerwardrobe6  farmerwardrobe8



Have you seen these? It reminds me of a game board. Growing a garden is kind of like a game, so at least it gets you in the right mindset. You follow the directions, and hope for the best results, but who knows what might happen along the way!

gardengame2 gardengame1


The animals at the Desert Museum are very real. While rounding a corner on the trail, a real life actual several foot long snake slithered in front of us. We were not exactly prepared with a snakebite kit, but the danger made the whole experience a little more thrilling. The other animals were a little more tame.

Butterflies were everywhere. I am very inspired to plant many butterfly friendly flowers in our own yard.


This prairie dog stopped moving the second I started filming him, so at least he has a sense of humor.


I have never seen a black widow spider in real life, and they are much much much bigger than I imagined.


The frogs, grasshoppers, and basically all kinds of bugs and such are much larger there. All we get here are foot long cockroaches.


That is a coyote in the middle there. Do you see any actual fence at first? Neither did we. We stood there wondering if we should be playing dead.



Our love of garden stores is no secret. Whenever we have out-of-town guests, my usual suggestion for activities is to go on a tour of garden stores.

This past weekend on our road trip, we got to visit the Desert Museum, which is kinda like a garden store of every type of cactus, but nothing is for sale. They had the cactus rock garden of my dreams, and we learned all the cactus facts. I’m thinking about labeling all our plants now, including the quiz facts.

desert museum desert museum3 desert museum2 desert museum4

We were only allowed to take one rock each, which I am still carrying around in my purse.


If you are going into battle, you need the proper armor. If you are going to spend a bit of time outside, you should be dressed and ready for it! Here are some basic essentials for spending a morning doing yardwork:

1. Staying well hydrated is common sense, and helps keep you cool. I like a cup with a lid and straw, so I can feel more sure a stray bug or something isn’t swimming around in there. 2. Most of the time, I wear a watch. Its easy to lose track of time, and if you need to be showered and somewhere else later, you’ll be glad you wore one.

farmergear2 farmergear3 farmergear farmergear4

3. I’m a fan of hats. They keep hair out of my face, and make my crazy hair a little more manageable. I like baseball hats, or big floppy garden hats, and braids. 4. And finally, a good pair of garden gloves. My fingers still tend to get sore and I occasionally get a little cut, and I can only imagine what my hands would look like if I didn’t wear gloves.

Optional essential- bug spray. Mosquitoes can be nasty, but I kinda hate bug spray, so I try to go as long as possible without it. Wearing long pants and sleeves helps a lot.

What is your go-to garden gear?


Falls mainly in the middle of the night, accompanied by house shaking thunder and bright flashes of lightning. While nearly 7 inches of rain fell in some parts of Austin, I was wide awake, browsing the world from my phone. I was also noticing how hungry I was, and how much coffee we were going to have to drink in the morning.

At least your coffee mug can brighten up the day, even when you feel like a zombie. (1, 2, 3, 4)

mugs1   mugs2 mugs3   mugs4