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Fresh finds and new adventures


This DIY is an easy one for the upcoming long weekend! Get ready for some fun!

You will need:

  • To find a river
  • Bucket for collecting
  • Instagram account

1. Locate a river in the late afternoon. It should be moderately peaceful to work best.

rockcollecting4 rockcollecting3

2. Choose rocks that match your color scheme, and that are sized small to medium. We went with a range of teals and light blues, with cognac for contrast.


3. You may find other objects that don’t fit in your scheme, but you still like. Feel free to collect them as a starting point for another day. These tiny shells grabbed my attention.


4. After you have acquired your river rocks, lay them out nicely so you can instagram the photo!


Enjoy your rocks! And have a safe and happy labor day (and college football) weekend!


Junk food. Screaming children. Going in circles. Heights. Unsupervised teenagers. These things are each awful on their own. But when combined, they make up a small town fair.

Another awful thing: unsolicited advice. But that is what we have here.

1. Tootsie rolls should be the only chocolate based candy allowed for parade throwing. Its a fact that a melted snickers bar does not taste the same.


2. Stop judging the flowers. They are all beautiful in their own way.


3. If I can’t pet it, create a pillow from its feathers so I can feel how soft it is.


4. Start giving awards to the goats for staring contests.


5. And finally, don’t tell the out-of-towners how to eat an elephant ear.



We occasionally try to leave the house to do something cultural. This week, the reason was the annual play in the park. Austin is a hot, crowded place, so there is a lot of strategy required in attending these events. So we turn to the classic UT football motto:

1. Come early.


You would have to be one of those super lucky people to just meander into the park, and find a good spot. There is one side that receives much earlier shade, which is what you want. We showed up early, brought lots of blankets to claim our spot, and made sure we could also see the stage because that is the whole point anyway.

2. Be loud.


In a crowd of a million people sweating in the sun, actions speak louder than words. We respected the picnic blanket rules, picked up all our trash, and stayed chill.

3. Stay late.


The play starts around 8:30, has a short intermission where they ask you for money, and was over around 11ish. We were feeling awfully sleepy by intermission, but we brought some kettle corn and cookies to help keep us going until the end.

4. Wear orange.


Our college t-shirt blanket is a picnic essential. We also brought a fleece Longhorn blanket to share. Our other picnic essentials included lots of water, easy to eat dinner to share, and napkins to clean anything that might attract bees or angry ants.

Wishing you many happy picnics with your entire city!


We like to look at Kickstarter to see what people are out there thinking up. They are geniuses. They are the people that think stuff up. There is a team of guys sitting around somewhere right now just thinking stuff up, and somebody backing them up.

kickstarter3 kickstarter2

First, protein bars made from cricket flour. That’s right, ground up bugs. Crickets are the real protein superfood. Locally made in Austin, and it looks like you still have time to fund them.

Second, we have fermentation made easy in mason jars. Mason jars are super in right now, and fermentation is more underground popular, so it helps to combine the two for balance. We love to ferment things over here, but we’ve been using plain, ordinary mason jars.

kickstarter4 kickstarter1

Next is the “I trust my phone more than I trust myself” category. There is a sensor that tracks your sun exposure, measures your optimal vitamin D generation, and then send the info to an app. After that sun exposure, you might need some water. There is a water bottle sensor to track your water intake and optimal hydration, and then has your phone tell you to drink some water.

Our phones are definitely smarter than us, so its time we start relying more on apps for basic health needs. If I actually listened to my body, I would be eating an endless amount of tacos and milkshakes, and staying outside until I’m burned and eaten by mosquitoes. It doesn’t know what its talking about.


To maintain our healthy lifestyle, we try to live by a couple rules. Eat lots of veggies. Get lots of fresh air. Drink lots of water. Sometimes we are lucky enough to cross a couple of these off our list early in the morning, so we have the rest of the day to watch movies inside eating popcorn.

This was one of those lucky days. A plan to hike along Bull Creek. Our goal was to 1. survive the sun, and 2. find water in the creek.


Our perseverance and optimism was rewarded by the flowing creek water. The fish were swimming with happiness.

hiking1 hiking4

The rain we had during spring was clearly appreciated here.


Water isn’t only important for plants, but also humans. This hike was generously sponsored by our reusable water bottle. Taking our inspiration from the creek, we filled the bottle with ice and water from our house, and enjoyed refreshing sips while sweating in the sun.