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We harvested these carrots fresh from the organic section of the store for less than a dollar. Cheaper than even the dollar store.

fermented carrots 5

Much like our green beans, these carrots will be made naturally into super foods by bacteria. More like they grow and develop into their natural super abilities, like Professor X, rather than being injected with something to become super, like Captain America.

fermented carrots 2

I have been on a hamburger pickle chip kick, so we cut them into slices, as opposed to matchstick pieces. These take approximately no time to make, besides the waiting. There is the waiting time after you sprinkle salt on them, and then the waiting for the bacteria to pickle them part.

fermented carrots 3 fermented carrots 4fermented carrots 1

But after you finish waiting for them, they will wait for you to eat them in the fridge for months. So at least they reciprocate. Make this delicious snack today, and you will be able to eat them in like a couple days from now.


3 organic carrots

about an inch of ginger (or to your taste)

One garlic clove (or to your taste)

about 1/2 tbsp sea salt

1. Cut carrots into slices. Slice up ginger. Smash garlic clove and cut in half.

2. Put carrots, ginger, and garlic into a bowl. Sprinkle the salt on top. Using your hand, mix up the ingredients. You can kinda be rough on the carrots, to help the salt soak in.

3. Wait about 5-10 minutes for carrots to start looking juicier. They will start to look kinda wet.

4. Pack the carrots into a jar, and pour any remaining liquid from the bowl on top of them. Fill jar with water to cover the carrots.

5. Leave jar on counter not in the direct sun for a couple days. *Gently put the lid of the jar on, do NOT tightly screw on. The organisms preserving the carrots will create gas that needs to escape, and you don’t want an explosion.

6. Keep tasting until they are pickled to your taste, a few days to two weeks, depending on temperature. When you like them, put in the refrigerator, where they will keep for a couple months.

Great for a snack with some more pickle chips!