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Like any real farmer, we have a cast iron skillet. You can’t be a farmer without one, especially can’t be a farmer’s wife. But we are embarrassed to say that we aren’t totally sure how to clean it. It was so softly shiny and black when we got it, and now it is a bit grimy and dull.

castironcleaning2 castironcleaning1

Thankfully, the good people who made it have real straight forward directions on maintaining cast iron. We ran some hot water, and scrubbed it with the business side of the sponge. Once our hands were pruny, we dried it, and rubbed some oil into it.

castironcleaning3 castironcleaning4

Pretty good, right? It almost has that nice, even sheen back. If I wasn’t super intense, I would have just left it, but if you are cleaning, you might as well clean. I remembered seeing this video a while back, and thought some coarse salt might help with the scrubbing. We poured some salt and a bit of oil into it, and went at it with the sponge again. After another rinse, dry, and oil, we uncovered this beauty.

castironcleaning5 castironcleaning6

I think it might actually be emitting a soft glow. All ready to cook some more bacon.