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We like to look at Kickstarter to see what people are out there thinking up. They are geniuses. They are the people that think stuff up. There is a team of guys sitting around somewhere right now just thinking stuff up, and somebody backing them up.

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First, protein bars made from cricket flour. That’s right, ground up bugs. Crickets are the real protein superfood. Locally made in Austin, and it looks like you still have time to fund them.

Second, we have fermentation made easy in mason jars. Mason jars are super in right now, and fermentation is more underground popular, so it helps to combine the two for balance. We love to ferment things over here, but we’ve been using plain, ordinary mason jars.

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Next is the “I trust my phone more than I trust myself” category. There is a sensor that tracks your sun exposure, measures your optimal vitamin D generation, and then send the info to an app. After that sun exposure, you might need some water. There is a water bottle sensor to track your water intake and optimal hydration, and then has your phone tell you to drink some water.

Our phones are definitely smarter than us, so its time we start relying more on apps for basic health needs. If I actually listened to my body, I would be eating an endless amount of tacos and milkshakes, and staying outside until I’m burned and eaten by mosquitoes. It doesn’t know what its talking about.