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I believe the term originated in the days of yesteryear. A long time ago, a farmer looked over his fence to gaze at the neighbor’s garden. It was much more bountiful than the farmer’s own, which left the farmer jealous. Thus, the intense green caused the farmer much envy.

Such a feeling was burning inside me when I peeked over this fence. Unfair advantage- this garden is located in the Pacific Northwest.

I guess tomatoes like growing in August there. I can hear ours asking for water like Dumbledore in Half Blood Prince.


This pepper is so shiny, I can see myself eating it.


If you needed a pepper as long as your arm, you’ve come to the right place.


Blueberries have to be at maximum bursting blue before they can come inside.


We had some flowers like those. They burned up in the sun after a sprinkler misunderstanding.


But I can’t be mad about this. Hens and chicks in a chicken planter. Gets me every time.


Can’t be jealous about any of it, really. I ate most of it.



Do you like sharing? We do. You can even have one of these tomatoes. Just one, don’t be greedy.

Welcome to our little farm in the middle of the city. We have lots of plants and flowers, and a garden in the backyard. There is always a farmhouse project or two happening, and something going on in the kitchen. Our farm dog is usually sleeping.

You probably read food or craft blogs already, but ours is going to be super awesome. We may even get a goat soon. So we hope you will follow along as we write our little stories about life on a super awesome urban farm.